About Us

Jeff & Terri Sellers operate Highland Lakes Estate Sales.  Jeff, Terri and their
team bring experienced property services to assist their clients.

Jeff grew up in his grandparents antique and fantique store restoring and
selling all types of furniture, antiques and collectibles as well as firearms,,
jewelry and farm equipment.

Highland Lakes Estate Sales is a professional estate sale company and will
handle your items with care, honesty and integrity. We work hard to customize
the best solution for all of your estate sale needs.

Selling a lifetime of treasures and belongings can be a difficult and emotional
experience for the family, we take away the "difficult" part and provide
outstanding service to you in whatever situation you may be faced with. We
are a reputable business whose main focus is helping families and individuals
with all of their estate sale needs and making their life simple and stress free
during this time.  
Highland Lakes Estate Sales
Highland Lakes Estate Sales

P.O. Box 279
Marble Falls, TX. 78654
(830) 693-3648