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Highland Lakes Estate Sales
Estate Tag Sales

Estate tag sales are the quickest and easiest way to liquidate assets for an estate.  We will meet with the client to gain a better
understanding of their needs, explain the process and discuss how items are priced. Estate tag sales account for 98% of our estate
sales. Tag sales are held Thursday through Saturday. Tag sales are easy to schedule.

We have a licensed auctioneer if the need arises. Auctions are fun and exciting and should be reserved for high valued items such as
jewelry, rare firearms, specialty vehicles and other items of high value.  Not all estates fit the auction category.  An auction requires a lot of
items that can be auctioned off in a matter of hours.  Auctions are fast paced. Auctions account for 2% of our estate sales. Scheduled
based on our auctioneer's schedule.  Auctions are held on one day and days vary.

Regardless of the sale type you choose, we will come in to assess your assets, clean the home if needed and prepare it for the sale.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your sale.
Firearms Transfers

Jeff is a licensed federal firearms dealer making any firearms transactions easy and legal. Jeff can also appraise firearms.